Eskilstuna lies centrally  in the Valley Mälardalen between two off Sweden's bigest seas - Mälaren and Hjälmaren. Today, it lives 90 000 People in Eskilstuna municipality. The name has the town after the English missioner Eskil, as seemed here during 1000-century.

Already the old vikings understood the importance of this place. Thereof there are many monument around in the area.
One of these historical monument is Sigurdsristningen. The stone script is on a mountain in the the beautiful area next to Sundbyholms Castle at Mälaren.







The town became already during 1500-century a center for the iron manufacturing in Sweden. Already 1659 got Eskilstuna Town rights as one directly consequence of that Reinhold Rademacher behaved smedjor. “Smesta ' n” was given birth to.

Today, the know-how stands within the manufacturing industry in world class. Smeden has today been replaced of a high qualified technology within the industry.

One of Eskilstuna's advantages is the beautiful nature with many central located green areas. A good example is Vilsta, with possibilities to one rich outdoor activity. Through the town flows the Eskilstuna river as a blue belt.

Eskilstuna are not only plentiful equipped with arenas for many different sports, as for example the Munktell arena. Here is offered also a rich range of cultural activities the year around.  Interesting museums are Radermachersmedjorna, Faktorimuseet, Weapon the technical museum, Konstmuseet and Sörmlandsgården. The town has also a Zoo. The Park Zoo with among other thing world unique White Tigers. Here is also an amusement park area with a temperated swimmingpool.

In recent year several business centers has been created in the town's centers like bigger “supermarkets” just outside city. The communications to Stockholm are surely expanded with Mälarbanans modern fast processions that reach the capital on a hour.

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