Eskilstuna / Skogstorp


Skogstorp is one society 5 km south of Eskilstuna, located at The Eskilstuna small river. Here lives approximately 3000 people, and most of them commutes to work in  Eskilstuna.

In The Skogstorp school the education  goes from class one to nine. The sport club Skogstorp's GOIF lowered 1999 its 80 years anniversary and has on the sport arena Orrliden teach many generations in football.

In Skogstorp there is also one 130-years old park, the Rosenforsparken. The park has become one popular recreation area at the Eskilstuna small river. One smaller bathing place has also been placed in the park.

It be one bigger industrial in the village, Alfa-Laval. In the society lies also a supermarket and a pizzeria. The district nurse's office is located next to the hair styling saloon.

Sow sees Skogstorp out today, but it be entire individual before. The people who lived here worked also in the village. 

On my home page  you can see skogstorpsyxan, as is dated to approximately 2000 years before Christ, what you can read more about here.

Read more about Skogstorp and Husby-Rekarne the district on Hysby-Rekarne Rural culture society's homepage.

Picture over the neighbourhood, Vretahage, located next to The Eskilstuna small river

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