Family research

Family picture, the Svensson families in 1922

Almedahls farm, Hjo

Here is a short presentation about family research, that with a more delicate words also can be called genealogical research.

I will also show some of my results I so far have reached after only a few years research. (See the swedish language version about my research)


I have only been active for some years, but have become so interested, and now I am on the road.



Hömb socken in Vartofta, Skaraborg's counties current Västra Götalands län

Main building from 1770.

Read more about this in my genealogy results

Hjo port in the year 1900

Hjo port may illustrate the districts in eastern Skaraborg's counties (west Götaland's counties) where from as well my father as mother's related strains.

I am also growth up in Hjo.

Hjo port 2000

©2000 Anders's Svensson

The church be on the point of order the people

Sweden is a well organized society where authorities keep up with your citizens through different kinds of person registers. This is not a modern phenomen, if any believed this.

The church's position was very strong and it required the people that these among other thing learnt the Christian faith. In order to check whether the people also followed this, priests begun early to have parish catechetical meetings and register the citizens  in the villages. Therefor the priests wrote books where each individual's Christianity knowledge was noted.

The State understood earlily the value of registrating the citizens among other thing in order to take out soldiers for the defence.

The oldest well-known books are from 1680 and in 1686  the State introduced general national registration. Apart from Christianity knowledge , the church books are divided in different volumes. Here can be mentioned birth - and baptism books, dead - and funeral books. Other important documents for family research is also in emigration books.

The publicity principle

Due to the publicity principle in Sweden we also have rights to taking part of these books. 1900-century books are mostly left on the registrar's office,  while older books are kept on respective regional archive. In order to ensure the books contents and secure a facilitate search in them, has most books also been filmed. These microfilms are for the whole country on several places. Among other thing, a rich archive is in Leksand, Släktforskarnas hous.

In year 1991 was this registration moved from the church to the authorities.

Begin research?

Do you speculate on beginning family research? Begin then gladly with to interview and speak with older relatives about  everything they remember. Then it can be good to read some appropriate book in Genealogy.


  The steamship TRAFIK was built in Stockholm in 1892 for cross-lake service on the lake Vättern in Sweden. Remained in service until 1959, then laid up as a café in the home port, the small community of Hjo. Saved and restored by a group of enthusiasts in the 70's.
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